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Vision & Mission

Kathleen's mission, based on her own health journey, is to Teach, Nourish and Heal with her food. Her passion is cooking, caring for others and a commitment to support those who want to be healthy without sacrificing flavor. 









Kathleen is a graduate of Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), Masters Nutrition program. MUIH’s program is one of only two master’s degree programs in clinical nutrition in the U.S. to hold accreditation by the Accreditation Council on Nutrition Professional Education (ACNPE).  

She provides the best ingredients, recipes and information needed to prepare whole, natural organic foods, and the best quality foods in her cooking. She will also educate and support those with food intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases to improve quality of life. Our vision is to create a nurturing environment and inspire individuals and the community to champion their own health and well-being to lead to more healthful lives.

What makes her unique? Kathleen is a culinary medicine professional, integrating her nutrition education into her kitchen. She is a passionate chef, who believes that real whole foods are the nutrients and fuel for optimal health and are the most important component of healthy living. 




Healthy Food
Image by Artur Rutkowski

Locally sourced chef that guarantees the freshest, most in-season bite of food possible

We strive to give you the most nourishing, nutrient dense foods and help align your eating habits with the Earth’s natural cycle. Cooking with the seasons follow the traditional schedule of planting and harvesting. Eating seasonally provides you with a variety of choices. The natural cycle of produce is designed to support our health while transitioning our bodies to provide a variety of nutrients and facilitating the body’s natural healing process. Living in tune with the natural rhythm of nature helps us to stay balanced and simplify our lives.

We make it a priority to build relationships with nearby farmers and buy directly from them. We believe it's important to know the independent and family farms who grow and harvest the produce we buy.  

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