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Cooking Ingredients


Cooking Classes

Here at 24 Karrot Kitchen, we work to cultivate classes around the tastes and produce of each season but sometimes specific diets take precedence. We create seasonal class schedules and post them four times a year. 


Chef Kathleen delights in sharing her love of cooking and providing a unique learning experience with her nutrition education.  After your experience, you will be able to bring your knowledge home with you and into your kitchen to share with family and friends again and again.

Gluten Free Baking | $ 85

Eating dessert doesn’t have to leave you feeling guilty. If you are new to gluten free baking, or want to add something new to your repertoire, join us for this demonstration and hands-on class that will take much of the mystery out of baking gluten free. We’ll show you it is possible to cater to your dietary needs while enjoying the tasty goodness of your favorite sweet treats. Students  could  make  muffins, cupcakes, tortillas, bars, tortes, pumpkin seed bread

Hands on and demonstration

Capacity 8

Knife Skills | $ 65

Knife skills are the foundation of good cooking, but so many of us don’t know the first thing about them. This class will improve your knife skills and help you become a more efficient chef while learning how to use your knife to improve flavor and practice the fundamental cuts—mince, dice, julienne. Plus, we'll teach you a few advanced techniques that will transform your time in the kitchen.  You'll use these knife skills every time you cook, so if you only take one cooking class, this should be it!

Knife Skills.jpg

Hands on and demonstration

Capacity 6

Cooking with Herbs and Spices | $75

Spices are the backbone of many recipes. Discover a handful of spices, herbs, and blends from around the world that work to lend authenticity to international dishes and provide creative inspiration for your everyday cooking.

You will learn how to make your own spice blends, as well as other techniques that will help you get the most out of your spices, such as toasting spices to extract maximum flavor.


We will create several dishes and sauces to enjoy.


Hands on 

Capacity 9

Cooking Vegetarian Chef's Table | $95

If you're looking for new and delicious ways to incorporate more meatless meals into your diet, this demonstration dinner is for you!

The dishes I will prepare and serve are nourishing and satisfying and highlight seasonal veggies. I will teach you techniques, up close and personal with small plates of food throughout class

  • Quinoa salad with lemon herb dressing

  • Butternut squash lasagna with ricotta, leeks, sage and walnuts

  • Wild rice and roasted veggie bowl with caramelized Red onions, Goat Cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and a tangy sauce



Capacity: 8

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