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100% Gluten free

Gluten free organic cafe

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Local fresh cuisine for everyone

Farm to table style food with an emphasis on healthy eating options.  We strive to use the freshest ingredients that are seasonably available, locally grown and organic whenever possible.

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Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

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Cafe Menu


Meet The Owner

Kathleen Madden, MS Nutrition & Integrative Health

Best of nature

Her goal is to share her nutrition expertise and delicious whole food, highlighting the science and significance of food and nutrition in your every day life. Kathleen's passion is cooking, caring for others, and a commitment to support those who want to be healthy without sacrificing flavor.


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Baby Shower Gifts
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Weekly Meal Prep


Fresh Local Offerings & CSA


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(Limit 8 per event)

Absolutely fantastic, nutritiously dense food! A must go to for anyone in the area.👌

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